The Best things to do in Zurich with Kids

Are you planning a family vacation to Zurich? Whether you’re visiting long or short-term, the beautiful Swiss city has plenty of exciting activities for all ages! You’ll find everthing from interactive museums and outdoor fun to thrilling adventures and cultural experiences. There’s something special for everyone when it comes to exploring Zurich with kids. 

As a family living in Zurich, with two young children, we’ve explored every corner of this vibrant city. In this blog post, we share some of our top picks on the best things to do in Zurich with your children – get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Best things to do in Zurich with Kids

We’ve got you covered with our handpicked selection of family-friendly activities that are bound to keep everyone entertained! Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or teenagers, these activities offer something for all ages (unless we’ve noted otherwise).

We’ve even thrown in some insider tips, including our personal favorite restaurants. Get ready to discover the best of what Zurich has to offer for families!

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Hang out at Zurich Opera House



You’ll find Zurich Opera House right in the city center of Zurich. It a fantastic spot for families with little kids looking to enjoy a fun-filled day out. The iconic cultural landmark is know for it’s world-class performances. But surprisingly the area is a fun space for kids too.

There is a large paved area in front of the Opera house. This gives kids tons of space to run freely. Your gives will love the freedom to explore.

During the summer months, there are sprinklers so kids can splah around and cool off. My toddler loves  climbing the  stairs directly in front of the Opera House too.

You’ll be treated to stunning views of Lake Zurich. I think this adds to the overall charm and appeal of the area. If you need a caffeine boost, grab a coffee at the nearby ViCafe. It has some of the best coffee in Zurich. Then grab one of the green chairs scattered throughout the plaza and relax and take in the scenery 

To impress your kids, grab an ice cream at the Movenpick (it’s located right across the street).

Wander Through the Chinese Garden



Visiting the Chinese Garden in Zurich has quickly become a favorite for our family. The beautifully landscaped Chinese Garden captivates visitors of all ages. One of the highlights for kids, particularly for toddlers, is the colorful fish swimming gracefully in the garden’s ponds. My toddler loves this! And, the garden’s free entry makes it a great and budget-friendly destination for families to enjoy.

Your kids will love the nearby playground. During the summer months, there is a water play area with so for kids to cool off and play. The playground has lots of cool equipment and a huge sandbox. Kids of all ages will love it!

You’ll find plenty of spots along the lake to grab an ice cream along Zuich Lake. My favorite is Gelati am See. Try the rübli torte (carror cake) flavor, you won’t regret it!

The picturesque lakeside and vast green space provides an ideal backdrop for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Climb the Uetliberg



Visiting Uetliberg mountain in Zurich with kids is a fantastic way to spend quality time as a family.  And you get to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps.

When you get to the Uetliberg train station, you kids will go crazy for the playground. It’s perfect for kids of all ages. There is a larger area with places for big kids to climb. And there is a dedicated toddler area with smaller play structures.  This spot is the perfect area for little ones to burn off some energy.

From the station you can walk up to the viewpoint. It’s a little steep, definitely possible with a stroller but you’ll be a little out of breath by the time you reach the top. 

At the end of trail, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of the mountains. You get to see the city of Zurich from a unique perceptive too. Once you reach the summit, there is an observation tower so you can climb its stairs for panoramic vistas of the alps.

There is a hotel with a great restaurant as well so you can grab a bite to eat. We’ve eaten there a few times. My favorite is the fischknusperli. It’s fried fish nuggets with tarter sauce. It’s usually served with fries or a salad. 

Hike the Family-Friendly The Planet Trail


Älpermagronen from Restaurant Felsenegg

If you’re in the mood for an easy hike that combines alpine views and educational opportunities, then try the Planet Trail from Uetliberg to Felsenegg. This is one of the most popular hiking trails in Zurich. The 2 hour hike takes you on a tour through our solar system. You can stop along the way to get some great pictures of the Swiss alps.  

If you’re traveling with little ones you can bring your stroller along. The path is flat and easy to navigate with a stroller. Once you reach Felsenegg there is a nice Austrian restaurant with delicious and authentic dishes. Bonus for parents, there is also a playground nearby!

From the end of the trail you can take a cable car to Adliswil to return to Zurich main station. 

Explore the FIFA World Football Museum


Prepare to step into a world where football comes alive! If you have a little soccer fan then you have to see the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich. As you step through the museum’s doors, you’ll find yourself immersed the sport, it all its glory.

The museum features interactive games, a state-of-the-art 3D cinema, and an array of exhibits that are perfect for families with young children. Make sure you check out the top floor for all the games. 

It’s open from 10AM – 6PM Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, on Thursday it closes at 4:30PM and the Museum is closed on Mondays.  

Admission costs 24 CHF for adults, 14 CHF for children over 6, and free for kids under 6. 

So, whether you’re a die-hard football fan or simply want to explore the fascinating world of this global sport, the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich is an absolute must-visit for families.

Enjoy a Boat Cruise on Zurich Lake



A boat cruise along the Limmat River is a great way for families to experience the beauty of Zurich.

The tour takes passengers past many of Zurich’s iconic landmarks, including churches, palaces and parks. You’ll also have a unique view of  the Old Town of Zurich with its cobblestoned streets. 

Adventure through Zurich Zoo



The Zurich Zoo is a must-visit for families in Switzerland  The zoo houses over 400 species of animals.  There are plenty of activities for kids, such as a petting zoo, sealife aquariums, and even a tropical rainforest. 

Families can also take part in interactive educational programs or just enjoy the scenic views from the many pathways around the grounds.

It’s located on the in the Zuriberg neighbourhood. You’ll get there in under 15 minutes by tram from Zurich HB.  It’s open every day from 9AM – 6PM.

Admission costs 30 CHF for adults, 24 CHF for youth 16 to 20, 15 CHF for children ages 6 to 15, and free for kids under 6. The Zurich Zoo is a great place to explore with your family while learning about wildlife and nature in Switzerland.

Read our full guide on Zurich Zoo here.

Zoological Museum


The Zoological Museum in Zurich is a great place for families to explore the diversity of wildlife. 

The museum features over 200 displays of animals species around the world, including primates, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. Kids can explore different habitats such as the rainforest or desert. They’ll be excited to learn about the unique creatures that inhabit them. There are also interactive activities and educational programs to keep everyone in the family engaged and entertained.

Located just off the main train station, it’s open daily from 10AM – 5PM  (except Monday, when it’s closed) and admission is free.

The Zoological Museum in Zurich is a great way for families to experience nature up close. ​​

Swim in Lake Zurich  



Visiting Lake Zurich is a really fun summer activity. One of the most popular activities at the lake is renting pedal boats.  This fun and engaging experience not only provides a unique vantage point to take in the stunning views but also encourages teamwork and cooperation among family members.

For those looking to cool off during the warmer months, taking a dip in the inviting waters of Lake Zurich is an excellent option. With water temperatures reaching a comfortable 21-22 degrees Celsius (72 in Fahrenheit) in the summer, swimming in the lake is a refreshing and invigorating experience that older kids are sure to enjoy.

In addition to pedal boating and swimming, there are plenty of other activities to partake in along the lake’s shores, such as picnicking, sunbathing, or playing beach volleyball. The diverse range of options ensures that families can tailor their visit to suit their interests and preferences, making a day at Lake Zurich a truly unforgettable experience for all involved.

Unwind at the Botanical Garden



Families visiting Zurich can also spend a tranquil day exploring the world-famous Botanical Garden. This garden is home to more than 11,000 species of plants from all over the world, making it one of Europe’s largest and most diverse botanical gardens.

Kids will love discovering all sorts of different flowers, trees and other plant life. And adults marvel at the beauty of this natural paradise. There is also an observatory on-site, offering spectacular views as far as the Alps and Lake Zurich.

Families can spend hours here strolling through the garden, admiring the plants and discussing their newfound knowledge with each other. The Botanical Garden in Zurich is sure to be a fun and educational experience for everyone!

Discover The Best of Swiss Chocolate at the Lindt Chocolate Museum



The Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum, located in Kilchberg near Zurich, Switzerland, is a must-visit destination for families. 

The main attractions at the Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum include a fascinating interactive exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through the history of chocolate. You’ll also witness the impressive 9-meter tall chocolate fountain. For a more hands-on experience, the museum offers chocolate-making workshops. The workshops are led by expert Lindt chocolatiers, allowing visitors to create their own personalized chocolate treats.

With its engaging exhibits, mouthwatering samples, and opportunities to learn about the art of chocolate-making, the Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum promises a delightful and unforgettable experience for families visiting Switzerland.

Open year-round, the museum’s operating hours are from 10AM to 7PM on April through October and 10AM to 6PM on November through March. Entry fees for the museum vary, with adult tickets priced at CHF 13, children aged 8-15 years at CHF 8, and free admission for children under 7 years old.

Book your tickets in advance here.

Relax at Strandbad Mythenquai



Strandbad Mythenquai is the perfect spot for families to cool off during hot days in Zurich. Located on the shores of Lake Zurich, it’s open from May to September. It’s the the perfect place for families to make lasting summer memories in Zurich.

There are plenty of activities for kids, including a splash pool, slides, and more. There’s also a Hiltl vegetarian restaurant where families can grab snacks or drinks while enjoying the stunning views of Lake Zurich. They have a special offer for kids, you can fill up a kid-sized bowl for only 5 CHF. 

There is even the world’s first automatic rental for stand up paddle boards. The cost for rentals is 30 CHF a hour and you can rent them with cash or credit card. 

Admission is 8 CHF per adult, and 6 CHF for youth ages 16 to 19 years old, and children 6 to 15 years of age are 4 CHF. 

Learn About the Iconic Blue "Zuri" Trams at the Zurich Tram Museum 



The Zurich Tram Museum, located in the Burgwies neighborhood of Zurich. This is a fascinating destination for families visiting the area. The museum provides an engaging experience for visitors of all ages. You’ll get to explore historic trams that represent different eras in Zurich’s transportation history.

In addition to exploring the trams up close, families can also enjoy interactive exhibits and activities. My two-year-old absolutely loved our visit to the Zurich Tram Museum. The opportunity climb up and down the trams was thrilling experience for my toddler. 

One of the highlights for my daugher toy train village. One of the trams has a little train village set up inside of it. Here she kids can play and interact with the miniature trains and buildings. She played her forever and it seemed to be a magnetic for other little ones too. 

The tram museum is open from 1PM to 5PM on weekends, and Monday and Wednesday. Admission is CHF 12 for adults, CHF 6 for children aged 6-16, and free admission for kids under 6 years old.

To reach the museum, simply hop on tram line 11 from the city center and disembark at the “Museum für Gestaltung” stop – a convenient and enjoyable journey to the museum’s doorstep.

See Old Town From The Lindenhof


The Lindenhof is a historic park in the heart of Zurich’s old town, located in the city center just a short walk from the main Banhofstrasse. It offers an observation area with incredible views of the Grossmünster and other landmarks such as the Fraumünster. This makes it perfect for families to explore and take pictures to remember their visit by.

The Lindenhof also has a small playground for children to play and run around in. There is a large grassy area, surrounded by trees providing plenty of shade making it great for picnics or just relaxing outdoors. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a busy day exploring Zurich. Families visiting Zurich should definitely take some time out to enjoy the beautiful Lindenhof park.

Go Plane Spotting at the Zurich Airport Observation Deck


If you’re traveling through Zurich Airport don’t miss out on the exhilarating experience awaiting you at the Zurich Airport Observation Deck. Located within the bustling Zurich Airport, this captivating destination offers a perfect blend of entertainment and aviation fascination for visitors of all ages.

Situated in Terminal B, the observation deck grants you a front-row seat to witness the thrilling hustle and bustle of one of Europe’s busiest airports. You and your kids will be enthralled by the sight of airplanes taxiing, taking off, and landing on the runway just a stone’s throw away.

For little adventurers, the observation deck boasts an exciting playground area where kids can unleash their energy and imagination. Equipped with slides, climbing structures, and interactive elements, the playground ensures that young travelers can have a blast while airplanes soar above.

The observation deck is open daily from 10AM to 6PM, making it convenient for families to visit at their preferred time. Whether you’re planning an early morning excursion or an evening adventure, the deck welcomes you to witness the airport’s dynamic atmosphere and the sheer scale of modern aviation.

Ticket prices for the Zurich Airport Observation Deck are budget-friendly, offering excellent value for families. Children under 10 years old can enter for free,  entry for children aged 10 to 16 is 2 CHF and it’s 5 CHF for adults. 

Experience the Magic of Zurich's Christmas Markets


For a truly magical experience, families visiting Zurich should make sure to check out one of the city’s Christmas markets. The Christmas market at Zurich’s historic Opera House is a particular highlight, featuring festive stalls selling traditional gifts and decorations, a children’s Christmas village with lots of fun activities and even a merry-go-round or carousel for younger kids to enjoy. At the Opera House Christmas market, parents can treat themselves to some mulled wine or gluhwein while their children play. There’s also plenty of delicious food options available to satisfy all taste buds! Visiting a Christmas market in Zurich is sure to be an unforgettable experience for families this holiday season.

Learn About the History of Switzerland at the Swiss National Museum


The Swiss National Museum in Zurich is a must-visit for families exploring the city. This captivating museum offers an enriching and immersive experience into Swiss history and culture, making it an educational and entertaining destination for visitors of all ages.

As you step into the museum, be prepared to embark on a fascinating journey through time. The exhibits showcase a diverse range of artifacts, interactive displays, and multimedia presentations.

For families, the Swiss National Museum provides a variety activities and programs. Children can participate in guided tours specifically designed for younger visitors, where they can learn about Swiss traditions, folklore, and historical events in an interactive and age-appropriate way.

The museum also features a dedicated children’s area, where kids can engage in hands-on activities, dress up in traditional costumes, and even try their hand at traditional crafts. This interactive space fosters curiosity, creativity, and a deeper understanding of Swiss culture.

Best for: Ages 4+

Local tip: If you want a sweet treat after you’re finished at the museum, check out Gelati Platzspitz (one of our absolute favorites). It’s open from June through August and is located just outside the museum along the side of the Limmat river.

Looking for some family friendly trip itineraries? Check out our city guides here.

Where to stay in Zurich with Kids?

Sorell Hotel Zurich

The Sorell Hotel in Zurich is a fantastic choice for families looking to create lasting memories during their visit to the city.  One of the highlights of the Sorell Hotel in Zurich is their “Family Fun at the Zoo” package, as featured on their website. With the “Family Fun at the Zoo” package, families receive complimentary tickets to the Zurich Zoo and the kids get a snack bag to take with them. The Sorell Hotel’s downtown Zurich location is another advantage, as it allows families to easily access Zurich’s attractions and transportation options. 

Hotel Glockenhof

Hotel Glockenhof, located in Zurich, is a wonderful choice for families visiting the city. With its family-friendly amenities and convenient location, the hotel ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests of all ages. The spacious family rooms offer ample space for everyone, and the hotel can provide baby cots and extra beds upon request. Children are warmly welcomed with special treats and activities to make their stay extra memorable.

The hotel’s central location in the city centre allows easy access to Zurich’s attractions, making it convenient for families to explore the city. 

The Marriott Hotel in Zurich

The Marriott Hotel in Zurich is an exceptional choice for families seeking a memorable and enjoyable stay in the city. With its family-friendly amenities and special offer, this hotel ensures a comfortable and hassle-free experience for guests of all ages.

One standout feature of the Marriott Hotel is their “Kids Stay & Eat for Free” offer, as seen on their website. This fantastic deal allows children under 12 years old to stay and dine for free, making it an affordable option for families. The offer includes a complimentary breakfast for the entire family, ensuring a great start to the day with a delicious and diverse selection of dishes.  

Money Saving Tip - The Zurich Card

Don’t forget to consider the Zurich Card—an excellent companion for exploring the city with ease and saving money along the way. The Zurich Card is a must-have for families looking to make the most of their visit.

So, what are the advantages of the Zurich Card? Well, firstly, it provides unlimited access to public transportation, including trams, buses, trains, and even boats. This is a huge benefit for families as it allows you to hop on and off transportation conveniently, ensuring you can easily reach all the exciting attractions without the hassle of purchasing individual tickets.

Another great advantage of the Zurich Card is that it offers free or discounted admission to over 40 museums, including popular family-friendly destinations such as the Zurich Zoo and the Swiss National Museum. 

Additionally, the Zurich Card provides discounts on various tours, excursions, and even selected restaurants. This means that not only can you enjoy exploring the city’s landmarks, but you can also indulge in delicious meals while saving some money—a win-win situation for the entire family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zurich good place to visit with kids?

Absolutely! Zurich is a great destination for families with kids. There are activities to keep children of all ages entertained, from visiting the Swiss National Museum to exploring the area around Zurich Lake. The city is also full of delicious restaurants and cafes that can cater to everyone in the family. All in all, Zurich makes for a fantastic family vacation destination!

How many days in Zurich is enough?

For families visiting Zurich, we would suggest planning for a minimum of 2 days to make the most of your experience. While Zurich offers a lots of attractions and activities, two days will give you enough time to explore the city's highlights and create lasting memories with your family.

Remember, it's always a good idea to plan your itinerary based on your family's interests and pace. Zurich is a vibrant city with something for everyone, and even a short visit can be packed with enriching experiences.

When is the best time to visit Zurich with kids?

The best time to visit Zurich with kids largely depends on your preferences and the activities you wish to enjoy. However, our favorite time of year is the early summer, specifically from June to early July.

During this period, Zurich experiences pleasant weather with daily average temperatures ranging from 22 to 25 degrees Celsius (72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). The warm but not scorching temperatures make it ideal for outdoor exploration, visits to parks and playgrounds, and enjoying boat rides on Lake Zurich.

However, if you're looking for a magical experience, consider visiting Zurich during the winter season, especially in December. The city comes alive with enchanting Christmas markets, where you can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, savor delicious treats, and browse through unique handicrafts.

Is Zurich a safe city for families?

Yes, Zurich is considered a safe city for families. Switzerland, as a whole, has a reputation for being one of the safest countries in the world. Zurich, as the largest city in Switzerland, follows suit with its excellent safety standards.

The city boasts a low crime rate, and the local authorities prioritize maintaining a safe environment for residents and visitors alike. You can feel comfortable exploring Zurich's streets, parks, and attractions with your family. The city is known for its cleanliness, efficient public transportation system, and well-maintained infrastructure, contributing to a sense of security.

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